Hello, I am Adam the founder of Adams Fitness.

Here is my story...


I am a qualified personal trainer, massage therapist and football coach. With an edge.

During my youth I have always been interested in sports playing basketball, football, athletic, cricket, handball, gymnastics, fighting Any sports you can think of I have probably done it.

There was one time at school where I had to do 5 photoshoots for 5 different sports teams at school. Sports was where I excelled and knew it has to be part of my life throughout.

At 16 I experienced the gym and fell in love with it as this was where I built my body to help improve my performance in football and achieve my aesthetic look.

came across a personal training qualification when I worked as a lifeguard, this was after I dropped out of university. We all have our setbacks and this was one of them, dropping out of university was a blessing because it was me out in the big wide world. I had to learn the dynamics of the work environment, be more creative and hustle. I built up my experience at leisure centres: Nuffield Health, Virgin Active and other chain gyms.

During my first proper PT job I took a break from football then trained more on the free weights, I gained muscle but lost my lightness, agility and speed. I have been on the other side and worked with different training methods that adapted my body differently. The conclusion I have come to is that you adapt to what you do at the time. There is no perfect body type, training method, it is about what you are doing at the time you will become. But I do believe in balance where your longevity is promoted. By balancing all components such as endurance, strength, speed, agility and co-ordination will give you more. Training such as mobility, weight training, calisthenics, running, swimming and participating in a sport can really make you more balanced and fluid.

I learnt that gyms were very limiting and political. It got to a point where Adams fitness had to be given up due conflict of interest but, I said no to that. I stuck with my purpose. realise you can walk away from anything that does not support your purpose, this give you great power.

Having the experience, learning from other trainers, learning from books and then applying that to sessions allowed me to transcend my understanding of health and fitness. I decided to go outdoors and run my fluid sessions. Anywhere and anytime. Collecting knowledge, different pieces of equipment and different forms of training to give give a better service.

Whilst building my business I was building my social presence with weekly football and fitness videos, a podcast, YouTube channel, writing books and online plans. I have collaborated with big brands that provide quality to improve health, fitness, performance and wellbeing. I have collaborated with companies such as JLL Fitness, Stat Sports, Hydraform and Manta health. The freedom to work with these quality companies that enhance health, fitness and sports performance. 


level 3 personal trainer (LIFETIME)

level 2 football coach (FA)

level 3 massage therapist(ITEC)

DSE Assessor (ROSPA)


Level 3 Sports B-Tec National Diploma (EDEXCEL) 

Adam has worked with