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GET FIT WITH #AdamsFitness

  • The Adams Fitness Band has been designed for maximum mobility and muscle activation.  


  • With the right amount of movement and the right amount of tension will lead to magnificent results.


  • The band is perfect for travelling and home workouts


  • Many exercises you can do with the band such as squats, squat press, hip hinges, shoulder press, bicep curls, rows and plenty of more. 


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Adam's Philosophy

We have to connect the dots & Stay fluid within our methods.


Adam has experience in personal training, massage therapy, football coaching and posture assessment.


There is a link between all of them.


Health is an investment: Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery and wellbeing.


We have to optimise all our pillars of health that can influence our life beneficially. Taking part in strength, mobility, endurance and co-ordination training will help invest in longevity.


Adam believes a healthy body will produce positive effects not only physically but also mentally. 


We have to challenge ourselves in order to grow new connections in our brains and bodies. The learning never stops.

Explore your body, explore different methods and stay fluid.


Adam's methods and thinking has improved many athletes.


He has helped thousands of people on his social media.  

At 16 years old Adam could not wait to explore the gym to improve his health and fitness. Starting out playing football and he wanted to improve his performance by doing weights and bodyweight training.

Adam has participated in athletics, football, gymnastics, fighting and various activities from a young age. Collecting experience from all the different fields to form an efficient body.

Recovery came into his regime as he realised the benefits of massage, stretching and mobility, which he adds to his life and does regularly.

Adam has wrote books, developed his mindset, offers products to help promote fitness, health and wellbeing. His unique approach makes him standout from the rest, he is not afraid to express himself through his work.


His philosophical approach to training makes it easier for people to understand and connect with.


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