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Movement is the primary function for a human, let us honour our ancestors by taking part in many forms of movement. Our movement has become rigid in our modern world, we have lost the natural ability from when we were children. Our rigid ways of thinking stems onto our bodies where it creates a staleness and limits our function.


Movement needs to be guided towards an action that will create a result, but the movement that we create should be necessary for the time and challenge in front of us. We try to live up to other peoples expectations and idealised goals, why don't we explore our authentic self, where we synthesise our mind and body to achieve something naturally spectacular.

Let us optimise our mind and body through the natural systems, and one of these natural systems is movement. I am a trainer, a channel for people to tune into to be able to maximise their health, fitness and performance.

Power your empowerment through exercise and education.

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"He's very professional and informative in what he does and corrects you if your movement is wrong, which I like. He is also open to stuff, and will train you to the best of his knowledge in that area."

- Stacey

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  • The Adams Fitness Band has been designed for maximum mobility and muscle activation.  


  • With the right amount of movement and the right amount of tension will lead to magnificent results.


  • The band is perfect for travelling and home workouts


  • Many exercises you can do with the band such as squats, squat press, hip hinges, shoulder press, bicep curls, rows and plenty of more.