Adam's methods has improved many athletes.


He has helped thousands of people on his social media.  

At 16 years old Adam could not wait to explore the gym to improve his health and fitness. He started out playing football as a youngster and he wanted to improve his performance by doing weights and bodyweight training, from there he branched out and started to learn multiple fields.

Adam has participated in athletics, football, gymnastics, combat sports and various activities from a young age. Collecting experience from all the different fields to form a highly efficient body.

Recovery came into his regime as he realised the benefits of massage, stretching and mobility, which he adds to his regime and does on a regular basis.

Adam has wrote books, created audiobooks, created an online club platform, and improved people's health, fitness and wellbeing. His unique approach makes him standout from the rest, he is not afraid to express himself through his work.


His philosophical approach to training makes it easier for people to understand and connect with too.



  • Level 3 personal trainer (LIFETIME)

  • Level 2 football coach (FA)

  • Level 3 massage therapist (ITEC)

  • Kettlebell Instructor (FutureFit)

  • DSE Assessor (Postural Assessment) (ROSPA)

  • Level 3 Sports B-Tec National Diploma (EDEXCEL) 



Optimise your health and fitness. 

Train anywhere with Adams Fitness, allow yourself to learn more about your body and become empowered through practical methods. All the body needs is some space, load and movement. This is enough to drive a physiological change to transform your body.

With Adams Fitness you will get:

  • Personalised Program

  • Outdoor Sessions

  • Coaching Expertise 

  • 24/7 Support

  • Access To Training Programs

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Optimise your health and fitness. 

Massage therapy is an important part within the sphere of health, it promotes blood flow, relaxation, improves range of motion and makes the fascial system more fluid. Any office worker or athlete will benefit massively from this treatment.

With Adams Fitness you will get:

  • 60 Minute Treatment

  • Aftercare Exercises

  • Massage Therapy Techniques


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GET FIT WITH #AdamsFitness

  • The Adams Fitness Band has been designed for maximum mobility and muscle activation.  


  • With the right amount of movement and the right amount of tension will lead to magnificent results.


  • The band is perfect for travelling and home workouts


  • Many exercises you can do with the band such as squats, squat press, hip hinges, shoulder press, bicep curls, rows and plenty of more. 


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