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Fitness Transformation
Fitness Transformaiton

Back in 2019, I wasn't fulfilling my potential physically and mentally. Through my frustration, setbacks and struggles I found power. This power fuelled me, I realised that it was in my power to be able to create the transformation I want.

Do you want to learn the aesthetic athlete mindset methods, energetic exercises and nutritional needs to be able to create and sculpt the body you want.

You can right here, right now.

Transform your body in 60 days, the photos on the left were a 6-week transformation I did to prove what can be done. I have given you an extra 2 weeks to create a transformation - 60 days. Do not worry if you don't achieve it in that time either, go at your own pace and let the results follow.

Health, Fitness, Mindset, Wellbeing

Have you ever been told you can't achieve something?

Learn how to utilise your own brain power and physical capabilities.


The health and fitness industry can be misleading and frustrating in some areas, leaving you confused and dishearten you on your journey. The Aesthetic Athlete program is here to clear all that mess up and to provide clarity to your health and fitness experience. 

This program has connected multiple pillars all in one e-book.


Maximise your health and fitness with The Aesthetic Athlete program, a simple and thoughtful guide to reach your optimal fitness, health and performance goals.


This e-book will create more clarity for you, with concise and clear information.

This information has been given to real life people and it has improved their awareness about their own health, and given them conscious power to apply the knowledge towards right action, which will bring about results. Take from this book the things that resonate with you to achieve your own health mastery. 

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The Aesthetic Athlete program covers

  • Mindset - The foundation to a healthy life starts with our perceptions, learn how to maximise your mindset through the aesthetic athlete techniques.

  • Fitness - First you must learn the foundations of training, what types of training and their ultimate effect to bring about transformation.

  • Nutrition - Knowing how to fuel the body sufficiently will improve recovery and performance, also give you an understanding of the whole.

  • Programs - There are 4 exercise programs included: power, muscle, body and circuit.

Rows of Pillars

Re-Create Yourself

Do not accept the roles that society foists on you. Re-create yourself by forging a new identity, one that commands attention and never bores the audience. Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define if for you. 



Transform your body withinin 60 days, with the new program by Adams Fitness. A guided approach to maximise your overall health and fitness. 

You are an organism that is part of and playing with the environment. 

Resistance Band

Support your workout with the #AdamsFitnessUK Resistance Band.


What is the best way to burn fat?


Burning fat is a process of the fat cells shrinking due to the body using fat as energy. The body can become a fat burner through good practices. Add weight training, circuit training, aerobic and anaerobic training to boost overall metabolism. A varied and diverse approach to training will enhance the fat burning process, similar to a diet that has various foods, it is variation that brings healthy results.


Can bodyweight training build muscle?


Bodyweight training can build muscle but not as much as hypertrophy training, which generally is done with weights and resistance. This does not mean you will not make gains with bodyweight training; you can get some excellent results with just your bodyweight, but you won't get the same amount of growth as you would with loaded exercise.


What to do as a beginner?


If you are a beginner then focus on building your strength and balance to be able to get your body prepared for the movements to come. When you are at a sufficient level you can progress the load, intensity and exercises. Approach it with an open mind, allow yourself to learn more about your body rather than just focusing on the results. Let the training teach you more awareness about how you move. Once you maximise your conscious movement you can generate more results.


Should I Set Some Goals?


Goal setting is one of the most important factors you should take seriously, without a goal how are going to direct your actions. Every action should be directed towards something. You could even make it weekly, monthly and yearly goals. All you have to do is make a table or even write it down and pin it up on your wall, this will remind you each day. 


How should I approach the program?


Life is play and experimentation, there is knowledge within this program that will be useless to you and some that will be very insightful. Absorb all the pieces that resonate with you and interest you, from there you will have a lot of energy to apply this into physical practice. Secret tip: Apply the knowledge to right action, then keep practicing with intensity until you start to fully understand and grasp the whole concept with the mind and body


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