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Looking To Optimise Your Mindset, Fitness & Nutrition?

STRCTR is a blend of mindset methods, training methods, and nutrition methods to guide you towards greater fitness, performance and understanding.

Learn how to utilise your own brain power and physical capabilities.

This program has connected multiple pillars all in one e-book.


Maximise your health and fitness with this program, a simple and thoughtful guide to reach your optimal fitness, health and performance goals.


This e-book will create more clarity for you, with concise and clear information.

This information has been given to real life people and it has improved their awareness about their own health, and given them conscious power to apply the knowledge towards right action, which will bring about results. Take from this book the things that resonate with you to achieve your own health mastery. 


Are You An Athlete?

To be an athlete you must train like one.


Your body is a beautiful system that has the ability to cope with stress, load and force. When higher demands are placed on the body it adapts to be able to cope with that stress and load.


As an athlete you will be generating forces 3-5 times your bodyweight on one leg at times. Therefore, we must be prepared to handle these forces. In this program you will be maximising power, strength, speed, agility and mobility. All these component will optimise your athletic ability, minimise injury and increase the longevity of your body.

Adam has worked with statsports by creating performance and football activities for their audiences. He has worked with semi professional and professional footballers, providing sound advice, exercises and programming to enhance their performance.

Those who have purchased the ATLTE program or Athlete Zone will be added to the WhatsApp ATLTE Group, where you can ask questions, share results, discuss topics and receive updates about the program.


Resistance Band

Support your workout with the #AdamsFitnessUK Resistance Band.

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