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It is the ability to move your body with maximal force generation at a fast rate. Knowing how to move your body quickly, but also effectively is highly important when it comes to sports. As an athlete you will generate 3-5 times your bodyweight, and even on one leg. So, it is important that your training is preparing you for such high loads for when you do go and perform. Power generated through ground reaction forces created. Plyometrics improves tendon stiffness, improves natural elasticity so minimises effort and prepares you to deal with high loads placed on the body. Plyometrics can be split into two categories: extensive and intensive. Extensive involves higher volumes, less intensity, quicker ground contact time and medium ground reaction forces. Intensive involves lower volumes, higher intensity, more ground contact time and higher ground reaction forces.


Plyometric Training:

  • High Impact

  • High Intensity

  • Improve Power

  • Energy System: Phosphocreatine

Exercise Prescription:

  • Extensive Plyos: 12 Reps

  • Intensive Plyos: 8 Reps 

  • 1 Set = 4 Exercises

  • Do 1-2 Sets Of 4 Exercises Of Your Choice

  • Rest 2 Minutes Between Each Exercise