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However, it doesn't work for the embedded mailto links. Anyone knows how to solve it? A: I know the problem very well. It is very similar to a bug in a Google Chrome extension that has been around for a long time. We are tracking it internally and will fix it soon. In the meantime, one solution is to use a browser other than Chrome. In your case, you would use Firefox. A clinical report of familial keratoconus in four siblings. To describe the clinical characteristics of four siblings affected with autosomal dominant keratoconus, including central corneal thinning and Vogt's striae. Surgical-implantable collamer lens implantation and the application of intracorneal rings were performed to treat the corneal thinning in two of the four siblings. The other two siblings did not receive any treatment. In one patient, the central corneal thickness decreased from 500 microm to less than 300 microm, and the central corneal steepening diminished from 56.3 degrees to 22.8 degrees. The central corneal thickness increased and the central corneal steepening was unchanged in the other patient. The central corneal thickness increased from 719 microm to 788 microm, but the central corneal steepening increased from 44.4 degrees to 51.1 degrees. In the other two patients, the corneal thickness decreased to 402 microm and the central corneal steepening increased to 64.1 degrees and 58.5 degrees. Clinical features of autosomal dominant keratoconus include irregular astigmatism, central corneal thinning, Vogt's striae, and corneal scar formation. In particular, central corneal thinning is crucial to the development of posterior polymorphous dystrophy, which may lead to glaucoma. Therefore, intracorneal rings and collamer lens implantation are considered useful therapeutic options.Enantioselective Hydrolysis of the α-Ketoamides α-Ketoamides have been shown to exhibit activity as chiral auxiliaries in asymmetric catalysis, for example, in the enzymatic hydrolysis of α-substituted α-amino carboxylic acids (A. W. Smith and B. J. Stoddart, Helv. Chim. Acta. 49, 400-409 (1966) and R