Welcome to the Adams Fitness® Personal Guide. The following plans have been a collection of experience, education and research to help supplement your fitness and health goals. 

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Nutrition is the most powerful tool to achieve your goal; then again it has to be very specific. The reason it has to be specific down to body type, exercise levels, age and goal (what you want to achieve). This is why you need to understand what to eat & how much to eat. Once you master this with your diet you will be set on the way to attain your goals.

Recovery/Injury Prevention/Mobility

Injuries can be detrimental to your training this is why the less time you spend injured the more likely you will succeed your goals. Our bodies go through stresses throughout the day and when we train we break down our body even more. This is why we should stay away from overtraining and muscle imbalances.

General Exercise

You won’t burn any fuel without no fire, without exercise your body will not be burning the calories you need too. With little exercise the fewer calories you burn! If your exercise is minimum then this can lead to fat gain. Exercise the right way and use the Personal Guide to help boost your chances of achieving your goals.

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