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Design Your own healing space
By Adams fitness

Health and healing is within our power.

This is a practical application of health and healing through design.

We can create our own healing room at home without the need of grand architectural designs and expensive equipment.

Set the right
tone. The room should be a space where you can connect with the self. A time to contemplate and tune into the rhythms of the universe.

What should my room have?

Start by minimising any clutter and things you don't need in the specified room, an empty room would be ideal, but as we are being practical work with what you got.

Light: Using lights to set the tone will create an atmosphere of calmness and awareness. You can use salt rock lamps, sunset lamps, UV lamps or any lamp that vibes with you.

Sound: The sounds will create deep focus, find the right vibration for you to tune into. This can be solfeggio, binaural, nature sounds and flute music. The vibration of the music can also instil a sense of connection. Sound and music can be effective healers for a range of mental, emotional, and even physical ailments.

Plants: The plants will provide the fresh air for optimal breathing and will also bring an organic atmosphere to the room. They are also known to improve mood, focus and reduce anxiety and stress.

Stones: The more organic material the better, stones can give you the sense of the earth, keeping you grounded and connected.

Crystals: Although not proven, crystals have been known to enhance health through their vibrations and molecular structure.

The placebo effect

We can't forget about this mechanism, it could still be our expectations and belief that heals and enhances our health, not necessarily the things we create. Then again, so what. If the healing room is a trigger for the self healing mechanism then we all should be creating and environment that promotes health, healing, contemplation and peace.

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