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Change is crucial for our survival it's how we have survived as humans over thousands of years.

But in this moment We need a new approach to our health, fitness & wellbeing because we are suffering as a community.


As obesity, diabetes, mental health and cancers still rise. 


it's now time that we take action to look after our physical, mental and spiritual state.

 ‘But the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite: Let your body take care of you.’


- Deepak Chopra

We have become docile and unaware of the state of our health and this is turn reflects on our exterior physically and mentally.

People are becoming more:

  • Tired

  • Ageing Badly

  • Developing illness

  • Stressed

  • Depressed

Don't worry because I was there too, I was not maximising my health, I was falling short in all areas.

I was a talker & not a doer, this was the not living up to my full potential version of me.

This was me a year ago, you could say I was in decent shape but my life was a mess internally and externally.

I was attracting failure and negativity such as:

  • My relationship ended

  • Suffering with anxiety

  • Lost my job

  • Lack of qualifications to progress

  • Making minimal amounts of money

  • Self Sabotaging

This was a bad stage for me in my life but these hardships were there to make me stronger. I decided to take on a 6 week transformation and from their my life changed drastically.


THESE HARDSHIPS BECAME the way forward & helped me change.

The talker became the doer.

Within 6 weeks I drastically reshaped my body and mind. But I still continue to do this now with the same momentum. Unlearning what I know and had to rewire my brain.

What did I do within those 6 weeks that made me get to another level, that I thought was out of my reach, and helped improve my:

  • Body

  • Mindset

  • Spiritual

  • Focus

  • Knowledge

  • Outlook

  • Business


The change fundamentals are simple and direct to help improve your overall health and benefit you in the right way as nature intended.

You will learn:

  • Mindset methods - To help you optimise your mental state

  • Training methods - That can make you train the right way

  • Recovery methods - That maximise muscle health

  • Nutrition methods - That will fuel your mind and body

Generally people rush into change & give up. Or they try crazy methods which can cause more harm than good.


With being in the technological age it is hard to stay off the screens and to not get involved with all the negativity around you, whilst on my self development I managed to:

  • Read more

  • Walk More

  • Cycle More

  • Do Deeper Work

  • Started Thinking For Myself

  • Less Time On My Phone

  • Barely Watched TV

In the book you will learn how I implemented this into my life and got rid of the brain rubbish that affects us without even knowing it. What we consume we become, remember that.

I am here as a person to guide you on your own journey of change to help maximise your performance, outlook, health and quality of life. 

Learn how I got into the best shape of my life without having to do the ball busting slugging weights around, rushing to fit my workouts in, been thrown off my goals and most of all not letting myself down by not giving in to cheap pleasures and self sabotaging habits.


Regain your power and start Change. A lot of knowledge and work has been put into this to make sure the methods that worked for me will work for you. Instead of just talking about it I wanted to embody the philosophy. This is why I have done all these methods myself and they have had a profound effect on my life that I live.

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