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Physical strength is the measure of a human's exertion of force on physical objects. As an athlete we need a sufficient amount of strength to hold off players, to push off the ground and to throw objects. We will be building strength through free weights, resistance, and other functional methods that will maximise your strength across the whole body. It is important that you maximise your whole body--this can be split into a lowerbody and upperbody sessions or you can do whole body sessions.


Strength & Resistance:

  • Low Impact

  • High Intensity

  • Improve Strength

  • Energy System: Anaerobic

Exercise Prescription:

  • Strength: 6-8 Reps/2 Sets/80% Of 1RM/2-3 Mins Rest

  • Muscle: 8-12 Reps/2 Sets/70% Of 1RM/2 Minutes Rest

  • Endurance: 15+ Reps/2 Sets/60% Of 1RM/30-60 Secs Rest